Wow!!! Can't wait to show off my new art!!! :) Sooooo excited!
~Gregory Michael

It was so nice to meet you. You have such warmth and a positive energy about you and I enjoyed chatting with you. You can imagine how excited I was to be the person who won the raffle to receive you beautiful artwork! It makes it even more special because I had the opportunity to talk with you and get a sense of who you are. Thank you for donating your time and your talent to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association. (I would send you a personal note through the mail, but have only your email for contact info).
Thank you so much,

That is so awesome. Thanks so much. This is going to help make our 10th year so special. Again, my thanks for your participation and donating such a wonderful piece of art to our Gala for St. Jude.

Oh my Gawsh...amazing. The picture is beautiful and so filled with love, Lauren is going to be in a bidding war for it. If it sells can I commission another from you for a gift for her? Today she was on channel 12, and she had your picture as an example of a silent auction item and mentioned you by name. I tivo'd it, Rick is making a dvd of it and will get it to you, perfect for a web site or promotion. You are the best, thanks for sharing your time and talent on this, it shows and is incredible.
President, Sonoran Centennial Chapter, National Charity League, Inc.

Thanks for Emily heart. And loved the Rivera heart too!
~Brandon Steiner, Steiner Sports

Everybody went nuts. The girls went crazy. It is in a prized spot.
~Steven Costello, Steiner Sports

Your work is really terrific - happy and full of sparkle.
~Robin, Barbourandstone

Here's the picture of the winner from our event. I can honestly tell you that I tried very hard to win your painting and was really bummed that I didn't. I just love it.